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This post is going to be a little different from my usual fare and quite brief. My book The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self is set to hit bookstores on November 6th, and today I’m announcing a contest for readers who want to win an autographed copy.

Because self-promotion doesn’t come easily for me, to find the motivation for it I must constantly remind myself why I wrote this book in the first place: not just because I love the act of writing itself and not just because my ego will find itself mightily pleased by a large number of sales, but also because as a physician I’m uniquely positioned to see firsthand every day just how much suffering there is in the world. It really is a staggering amount. And after two decades of practicing both medicine and Buddhism, I’ve concluded that my life can aim at no more important a purpose than trying to reduce it. Though I think many will read my book and simply enjoy it, I also think many others will find ideas in it they haven’t encountered before that will actually help them become stronger in a way that genuinely improves their lives. It’s for those people especially that I’m doing everything I can to get the word out that this book exists. With this contest, then, I’m asking you to help me help them.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

  1. Mention The Undefeated Mind either on Facebook or Twitter (or both), including a link to my author’s page (, which features not only a summary of the book but a free PDF of the first chapter.
  2. For tweets, also include the hashtag #theundefeatedmind.
  3. The three readers who garner the most number of retweets and the three readers who garner the most number of Facebook shares will each receive an autographed copy of the book when it comes out in November.
  4. The contest ends Sunday, August 26th at 12 pm.

To see how many retweets your tweet gets, simply hit the “expand” button under your original tweet. To see how many shares you garner on Facebook, simply look under your original Facebook posting. Emails containing screenshots with proof of your number of retweets and/or Facebook shares must hit my inbox (alickerman @ gmail . com) no later than 12 pm CST on Sunday August 26th. I’ll announce the winners at the end of next week’s post.

Finally, in the same spirit with which the book was written, for the 3 readers who generate the greatest number of retweets or Facebook sharees above 250, I’ll donate $250 to the charity of their choice.

Thanks for sharing!

Next Week: Judging A Book By Its Cover


18 comments to Win An Autographed Copy Of The Undefeated Mind

  • Love this! I’ll definitely promote this book! (And…umm… drop that apostrophe in you promo for next week’s post, BTW, if it’s unintended…)

    Molly: That was embarrassing. Fixed. Thanks.


  • I dunno… seems self-promotion isn’t too hard for you.. love the cover, too!

    allencraig: I’m glad you think I’m making self-promotion look easy! And I’m glad you love the cover. I love it, too.


  • Anne

    There are still some of us on the planet who believe that FB and Twitter promote suffering…and maybe even induce narcissism…….

    Just a thought!

  • Kathy Zuckerman

    Even water, which is essential to life, can be deadly if moderation is not observed.

  • SV

    Good luck Alex. Just had a Q: The Buddha on the cover of your book is just amazing. Such serenity—could you pls tell me the source/artist etc?


    SV: I don’t actually know. I will ask my publisher.


  • I can’t wait to read the whole book, and I tweeted it. But I don’t actually want to win the book (unless you’d substitute with the Kindle version). I will buy the eBook when it comes out.

    niki_in_france: Thank you! It will come out as an ebook, shortly after the publication date, I believe.


  • Janet

    I agree with Anne. And it upsets me that so much these days is linked to having a Facebook or Twitter account. These are two things I refuse to get caught up in. Guess I’ll have to purchase the book.

  • Congratulations, Alex. Looking forward to reading this book!

    Leslie: Thanks!


  • Bassem

    Dear Alex,
    It seems also for me unfair because some of us have few friends on Facebook and that give us no chance to win an autographed copy. I’m looking forward to read the the book, and gonna buy it anyway. I have a question too: in the cover of the book has other colors; can one buy a book colored the same as it appears on the website, cuz this cover is simply fascinating.


    Bassem: I wish I’d been able to come up with a better idea for a contest that was impartial to everyone and simultaneously helped me spread the word about the book. But don’t be discouraged! Even people with lots of Twitter followers may not get many of those followers to retweet, so give it your best try! Regarding the book cover: the cover on Amazon is a placeholder only. The actual cover of the book is as you see on this site. I really like the colors on this one, too.


  • Anne and Janet,

    I truly understand your comments regarding social media, but I would like to try and expand the perspective and conversation with my lengthy comment… In support of what Alex Lickerman is doing and the way he is approaching his task, I am posting a recent interview I gave that was published last week.

    Within that interview I explain the difficulty faced by both traditionally-published authors and self-published authors due to the quantum shift changes in the book industry and new economic realities.

    I hope the interview will give you and others even greater appreciation for the tough “marketing” effort Alex is now about to enter, as if writing the book wasn’t tough enough to begin with.

    I speak as the author of two books, and am so grateful to have had my new novel favorably reviewed by a print newspaper a few days ago:

    Getting reviews are another harsh challenge Alex will be facing.

    I also explain in my interview that I see this process as about “sharing what it is you have to offer” more than self-promotion.

    Writers (and other creators) have to let others know what they are doing… that you have your gift now ready to be shared. Alex is offering his gift of compassion and knowledge and now asking for all of us to help him to help others through the limited mechanisms available.

    Finally, if any of Alex’s blog followers have questions about self-publishing, feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to help.

    Giselle M. Massi

  • Giselle—thank you for your input. I understand the feelings that others have about FB and Twitter and the risk of narcissism and self-absorption, but the paradigms in publishing today have so vigorously shifted that many publishers (traditional or self) demand the self-promotion that many artists are loathe to engage in; we just want to write, paint, create, photograph, etc.; we don’t want to bother with the task of marketing but thanks to social media tools like FB and Twitter (etc.), it’s slightly easier and possibly better, but still not what we creative types want to do with our free time. I support Alex and his endeavors—this stuff is not for the fainthearted. The task of creating (whatever the art/medium) is hard enough… now we have to “tell people about ourselves.” That makes what’s already hard to do harder.

  • Mona

    I also don’t Twitter or Facebook…

    Thank you, Alex, for the “free” chapter which I found most helpful! I’ve just pre-ordered my initial copy of your achievement through Amazon and will promote within my range of contacts, including suggesting it to my public library—I trust you receive royalties for library purchases?! (I know nothing about book sales.)

    Many thanks, too, for your weekly writings and your example of succeeding at so much within the same time we are all given.


    Mona: Many thanks!


  • Maureen

    I am extremely proud of you and happy you finally wrote this book! You will continue to inspire me through your writing. My twitter and FB following is small, but I will shamelessly send out and then buy your book on Amazon.

    Much love to you and your family.

    Maureen: 🙂


  • Gene

    I am not very active on Facebook and not at all involved with Twitter, but I have added a link on FB to your website and to your upcoming book. At the same time I have preordered my copy from Amazon after reading the introduction. I am very much looking forward to reading more of your work.

    Gene: Many thanks.


  • Janet Geuy

    Shared on FB.

    Janet: Many thanks.


  • Sarahsnana

    Alex, you are forcing my hand. I don’t even know how to Twitter, and my FB activity is pretty limited. But having read your blog so long, I owe it to you to buy the book. Your insights are worth every penny.

  • I didn’t initially take the time to post because I thought you’d be inundated with postings. OK—I’m educated! I don’t do Twitter (I do, now and then, but it’s not my thing). I’m very involved in a large and wonderful FB family. I posted, and already have a LIKE—here it is!

    Sara J. McMurray
    17 minutes ago ·
    Looking forward to sharing this book with #1 son Ian on our drive back from Utah. He has made great progress at the Ranch and I know it’s just the beginning of a bright and wide-open future!

    Judging A Book By Its Cover « Happiness in this World
    We all do it. We can’t help it. We’re predominantly visual creatures. (The visual area at the back of our brains comprises 30% of our cortex.) The wrappers in which things come not only powerfully affect what interests us but also how we react to the contents we find inside. This certainly holds tru…
    Like · · Unfollow Post · Share
    Karen Kring likes this.

    Sara J. McMurray read a chapter and decide for yourself!

    Books ::
    In The Undefeated Mind, physician Alex Lickerman draws on the tenets of both Nic…
    See More
    14 minutes ago · Like ·

    Sarah: Thank you so much for these postings! I’m so sorry to report, though, that the contest is now over.


  • et

    Why not prompt readers to support their local bookstores rather than Amazon?

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