The Real Danger Of Poor Education

Photo: alamosbasement

Student loan debt is at an all-time high at a little over 1 trillion dollars, a figure that now, for the first time ever, exceeds our nation’s credit card debt. Higher education has never cost more, the rate of rise of college tuition having exceeded in recent years the rate of rise […]

How To Survive A Hospitalization

Photo: morrissey

Just two weeks ago, my hospital went live with a full ambulatory electronic medical record. Though the roll out wasn’t without its challenges, the software is simply outstanding. There is almost nothing about a patient’s medical history I can’t now access with a few clicks of a mouse button. Not only do […]

The Desire For Competence

Photo: Tomas Sobek

Other than my autonomy, there’s nothing I dislike having challenged more than my competence. I like to be good at things, and I don’t like it when people think I’m not. I know this because when my competence is challenged in an area in which I think I’m competent, I get […]

The Desire For Autonomy

Photo: Vinoth Chandar

Why have people throughout history been willing to fight and even die for their freedom? From one perspective the answer is obvious: oppression causes suffering and we’re all hardwired to flee suffering. But recent research suggests an additional reason: we also seem to be hardwired to desire autonomy.