Do You Need Antibiotics?

Photo: Nathan Reading

One hundred fifty million prescriptions for antibiotics are written each year in the United States. By some estimates, one third of them are unnecessary. One of the most common diagnoses for which antibiotics are inappropriately prescribed is upper respiratory tract infections (URIs). The overwhelming majority of these infections are viral—infections for […]

Great Books

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I love to read. In fact, there are few things I enjoy more. Though my great passion is fiction, I’ll read almost anything: non-fiction, comic books, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs, poems, candy wrappers, it doesn’t matter—anything with words in it. Reading is listening to someone else’s thoughts, learning from and about […]

How To Manage Diminishing Tolerance

Photo: Esparta

Every year around December, my in-laws, who live in the north, do what thousands of other people do: move to a warmer climate (in their case, Florida). And though for years I never thought I would do the same, recently the idea has begun to appeal to me. I’m finding for the […]


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I was bullied intermittently throughout my childhood, but in seventh grade it became particularly severe. One boy named Tim bullied me daily until I came up with the idea to pay him a cookie at lunch in order to turn him from my tormentor into my protector. That he accepted the […]

How To Ask The Right Questions

Photo: Marco Bellucci

Our minds are simply not to be trusted. As Daniel Kahneman wrote in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, we’re all at the mercy of a voluminous set of cognitive biases that distort our thinking: we routinely ignore evidence that contradicts our preexisting beliefs, we think anecdotally rather than statistically, we’re […]