The Illusion Of Permanence

Photo: adam*b

My wife and son recently returned from a trip to Florida where they were visiting my in-laws. They were gone for only six days, but when they returned, my son seemed somehow older (that is, by more than just six days). I was once again reminded of the important Buddhist truth that […]

How To Pull Good Things Out Of Others

Photo: asenat29

Who we are turns out to be largely a function of who we’re with. Have you ever noticed, for example, how you feel and behave one way with your family and another with your friends—and yet another with your co-workers and boss? We may all be multiple selves, but just which self […]

How To Prevent Procrastination

Photo: kaibara87

I’m among the most disciplined people I know, but when it comes to avoiding procrastination I know one person who’s even better than I: my wife. She delays nothing. Even when it seems like she might be, it’s only because she’s getting a long series of other things done first. She’s been […]

The Benefit Of Sadness

Photo: KellyB

The other day, my almost-four-year-old son said to me, “Daddy, I’m sad.”

“Why?” I asked him.

He shrugged, unclear himself.

“Is is because it’s a school day?” I asked.

He nodded.

“You’d rather stay home and play with me and mom?”