Don’t Shake Hands

Photo: buddawiggi

One of the earliest memories I have is of my father teaching me how to shake hands. He would always comment to me whenever he received what he considered to be the hallmark of a quality handshake, a firm grip. Handshakes, he taught me, were important. The indicated something about the character […]

How To Manage Frustration

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It’s an uncomfortable paradox that the people closest to us often frustrate us the most. My theory about this is that we all have a certain level of tolerance for frustration that diminishes with repeated exposure to a situation or a person we find frustrating. Thus we more easily manage our frustration […]

Making The Most Of Milestones

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I remember thinking when I turned thirty not only that it wasn’t so bad, but that it was actually pretty great. I felt I’d come to the end of the beginning of my life, had lived it vigorously, honestly, and meaningfully, and as a result was well-prepared to launch forward into the […]

Smiling At Strangers

Photo: Zitona

When I was a first-year medical student, my classmates and I used to go down to the hospital cafeteria between lectures to buy snacks. The women from whom we bought them at the check-out counters were all young and sullen, rarely even glancing up at their customers as they rang up purchases. […]