Belief Contamination


The abhorrence we feel when encountering beliefs that contradict our own is so universal and so powerful that it’s hard to imagine it’s the result of anything other than natural selection, programmed into us by evolution because it gives us some kind of survival advantage. Even if we’re able to tolerate beliefs […]

Finding More Time

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Could any commodity be more precious than time? Is there anything any of us want more—or more of—that at the same time seems to be more beyond our control to increase? Who among us wouldn’t strike the most Faustian of bargains for an extra year of life? Or an extra decade?

We […]

How And Why To Find A Mentor

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In Nichiren Buddhism, the mentor-disciple relationship—the relationship between teacher and student—is considered essential for attaining happiness.

How does Nichiren Buddhism envision this relationship works? First, in a true mentor-disciple relationship, the mentor, contrary to what many believe, is not intrinsically superior to the disciple.