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People who know me know I like to think. Few things in life give me as much pleasure as coming across a new idea—a good new idea—and examining it from every angle, seeing how it links to other ideas and to what interesting use I can put it.

I also like to […]

Picking An Expert

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The world is an unimaginably complex place, made all the more so by the incredible things we human beings have learned to do: build skyscrapers and space shuttles, clear clogged heart arteries and blocked intestines, make cell phones nearly as thin as credit cards, and modulate the immune system just enough to […]

The Courage To Hear The Truth

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Years ago, I was having lunch with a friend who’d developed a reputation for being difficult. He complained frequently and bitterly, often about things no one else found bothersome. In general, he was perceived as negative and over-entitled. I thought most of the time the points he made were valid but […]

Changing Your Mind

Photo: Andrew Mason

A few weeks ago at a staff meeting, I reaffirmed a policy to which several staff members objected. To be frank, the basis of their objection struck me as trivial at first. But later, after they asked to speak with me about it further and our conversation evolved, it became clear […]