Crazy Makers

Photo: Maks Karochkin

“The Buddha’s compassion is perfectly equal and impartial. The Buddha views all beings as his own children and strives to elevate them to attain his same enlightened state of life. It’s not that there are no differences among people. Rather, it’s that the Buddha, while fully recognizing people’s differences, does […]


Photo: The U.S. Army

A relative of mine recently died, so my parents, my brothers, and I went to his funeral. The rabbi was appropriately somber and talked about him fondly, as if she’d known him (though she hadn’t). His sister and brother stood up and told us all how much they loved him […]

Why We Shouldn’t Decide Ourselves When We Need Medical Attention

Photo: stars alive

Four years ago, I was driving home from work when I began to experience mild chest pain. It was located slightly to the right of my sternum and felt like a muscle strain. My chest was slightly tender when I pressed on it, but so slightly that I felt unsure with […]

Keeping Romance Alive

Photo: Katie Tegtmeyer

My wife once told me she felt I wasn’t particularly warm. She rarely saw me hug anyone, I rarely took her hand spontaneously, or rubbed her back or nuzzled her neck. And she very much wanted those things, she said. She needed to feel a sense of connection between us, a […]