How To Admit You’re Wrong

Photo: Stephen Brace

This last summer, my wife and I had a fight. As with many fights between married couples, the surface issue was inconsequential but housed an important issue underneath. I’d accidentally burned the hamburgers I was grilling for our dinner (because we hadn’t cleaned our barbecue for some time, grease had accumulated, […]


Photo: Shermeee

Nothing in the world is quite so awful as boredom. Unmitigated pain—physical or emotional—is commonly viewed as giving rise to the worst kind of suffering, but the suffering engendered by true boredom, though qualitatively different, is perhaps in some ways just as terrible. I’m not talking about being bored for a few […]

Stupid Fights

Photo: cogdogblog

I recently wanted to prescribe a medication called Prevacid for a patient. It’s a proton pump inhibitor that shuts off acid production in the stomach. It’s used to treat a wide variety of gastrointestinal complaints, most commonly heartburn, which is the malady I was aiming to treat in my patient. She was […]

If Not Now, When?

Photo: zoutedrop

A few years ago, a close friend of mine was struggling with his job. He worked in a large corporation he couldn’t stand: unethical business practices, employee backstabbing, and sexual harassment all seemed to occur on a regular basis. He wanted out. Not only that, for years he’d harbored a secret dream […]