Psychosomatic Symptoms

“Maybe this is all from anxiety.”

“You think? I mean, yeah, I am anxious, but it feels more like it’s from the symptom than causing the symptom.”


My colleague and friend—and physician—and I were discussing the sudden onset of intense nausea I’d started to experience roughly three weeks after I’d been released from the […]

The Danger Of Having Unrealistic Expectations

My wife and I vividly remember the anesthesiologist’s statement: “You may feel a little pressure.” She spoke the word gently, as if to imply that’s how it would feel, and we believed her. Epidural blocks, she explained, don’t numb the sacral nerve roots that deliver sensation from the pelvic floor so my wife would likely […]

The Critical Importance Of Sleep

Most people who come to see me complaining of fatigue are worried something is wrong with them physically but turn out only to be sleep deprived. Sleep seems to be something we all wish we did more, making us for the most part a chronically and persistently sleep-deprived society. Though studies suggest large differences exist […]

How World Peace Is Possible

Photo: Jayel Aheram

When I was in grammar school learning about World War II, I remember thinking how grateful I was that society had finally matured to the point in the intervening years that war no longer ever broke out. Today I can hardly remember what bizarre thought process led me to conclude that […]