The Effective Use Of Silence

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When I was a resident I was given the opportunity to participate in a series of seminars designed to improve my teaching skills. In one discussion group the discussion leader asked us a question to which no one had an immediate answer. He waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, one of my […]

The True Cause Of Cruelty

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In seventh grade I once found myself in the school gym locker room changing before class when a group of my classmates began bullying a boy named Pino for having breasts (a condition called gynecomastia that sometimes occurs in young boys at puberty, usually resolving spontaneously). I failed to rise […]

How To Heal Injuries

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Everyone gets hurt. Not everyone heals at the same rate, however—not because of inherent differences in genetic makeup and physiology but rather because of differences in behavior (as well as the type and severity of the injury). Two of the most common misconceptions about healing relate to which behaviors actually promote […]

The Three Realms Of Confidence

In 1979, as I was about to enter seventh grade, my parents moved our family from one suburb of Chicago to another where we soon discovered anti-Semitism ran rampant. Changing schools for any boy of thirteen is traumatic enough, but finding myself persecuted verbally and physically for belonging to a particular religion made the transition […]