Changing Poison Into Medicine

Photo: Beverly & Pack

What’s the worst problem you have right now? Have you lost your home? Your job? Are you worried you might? Have you watched your savings diminish before your eyes as I have mine? Or are you facing a terrible illness?

From the Buddhist perspective, all people are endowed with the […]

Letter To A Widow

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I remember when I first read the pathology report on my patient, Mr. Jackson (not his real name), my stomach flip-flopped. “Adenocarcinoma of the pancreas” it said. A week later, a CT scan revealed the cancer had already spread to his liver. Two months after that, following six rounds of chemotherapy, around-the-clock […]

Delivering Bad News

My heart began pounding as I listened to the sound of the dial tone in my ear. After three rings a woman answered groggily and uncertainly, “H-hello?”

“Mrs. Peterson?” I asked. My voice trembled slightly. It was 2 a.m. and I’d awakened her from what I imagined had been a troubled sleep.


“This […]

Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing

Years ago, at an academic hospital on the West coast, a physician friend of mine named Terry (not his real name) discovered, quite by accident, that a mutual friend of ours named Sean (not his real name), also a physician, was moonlighting. While moonlighting wasn’t illegal, it was in violation of the contract they’d […]